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Ian Armstrong

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Cristina Armstrong

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POC NOW 2024 Post Event - Desktop Preview
POC NOW 2024 Post Event - Desktop Preview
POC NOW 2024 Post Event - Desktop Preview

POC NOW Summit - 2024


  • Introduction: Invisible Cities partnered with the Point of Care Marketing Association (POCMA), a U.S.-based nonprofit, to enhance post-event engagement for their annual summit in NYC. The summit brings together hundreds of medical professionals to discuss effective point-of-care marketing strategies.

  • Impact: The project resulted in a robust post-event platform that extends the summit's content accessibility and benefits attendees long after the event, fostering continuous learning and collaboration within the point-of-care marketing community.

  • Key Takeaways: The success of this project showcases the importance of harmonious collaboration between UI and content designers, as well as the effectiveness of a structured content approach in reducing system fragility and optimizing user engagement.

Case Study


  • Client Background: POCMA focuses on educating marketers to deliver targeted messages effectively at the point of care. Their target audience includes healthcare professionals and marketers interested in optimizing patient engagement and outcomes through strategic communication.

  • Problem Statement: The challenge was to maintain the momentum and educational impact of the summit throughout the year, ensuring that insights and strategies shared during the event continue to influence practices and drive innovation long after attendees return to their daily routines.


  • Project Objectives: The specific goals were to develop a robust post-event platform that allows for continuous access to event content, fosters ongoing discussions and networking among participants, and encourages the practical application of strategies discussed at the summit.

  • Scope of Work: The deliverables included designing a user-centered post-event experience, creating an SEO-friendly archive of the entire event, developing the design as part of the client's existing WordPress website, modernizing the UI, ensuring WCAG compliance, and optimizing the microsite for fast loading and responsiveness across multiple screen sizes.


  • Research and Insights: Invisible Cities leveraged their tacit knowledge from previous enterprise UX work at Dell and conducted generative research to identify the primary value sought by POCMA's audiences, prioritizing features based on the client's budget allocation.

  • Strategy and Planning: The strategic approach involved utilizing the client's existing WordPress infrastructure, leveraging their Elementor template system, harmonizing with the existing visual identity, and integrating video via their Vimeo Pro account.

  • Design and Development: A structured content approach was employed, creating multiple custom post types and fields within the existing administration area. This allowed for the generation of the entire multi-page microsite off of just three primary templates, simplifying content collaboration and entry while reducing the inherent fragility of WordPress under Elementor.

  • Content Creation: Every session transcript was meticulously transcribed and cleaned up, with content highlights assembled as stories and pivoted into SME articles & blogs to increase share of voice, authority, internal backlinks, and top of funnel inbound SEM traffic.

  • Testing and Optimization: Invisible Cities conducted a full optimization pass on POCMA's WordPress infrastructure, reducing page load times from 10s to 4.5s through script and graphic file optimization.


  • Quantitative Outcomes: The post-event page achieved the longest session times by 4x and greater multi-week retention by 70% compared to other areas of the site. Time on site increased from 1.5s to 63s, and engagement rose by approximately 30%. The optimization efforts contributed to a 200%+ bounce reduction and 1000%+ increase in engaged time on site vs. legacy site pages.

  • Qualitative Outcomes: As a result of this project's success, the client has retained Invisible Cities for a full site/experience overhaul.

  • Lessons Learned: The project reinforced the importance of content and UI working in harmony, with designers collaborating in real-time to reduce waste and rework. Challenges with Elementor's fragility were mitigated through a structured content approach using custom post types, highlighting the value of modern CMS techniques that replace monolithic approaches with decoupled or headless ones.

Contact Information

Designed by Ian Armstrong with Goran Babarogic

Contact Information

Designed by Ian Armstrong with Goran Babarogic